Lawn Care: Common Mowing Mistakes to Avoid

If you have a lawn, you know that grass cutting is a very crucial part of your lawn maintenance practices. There are many tasks that homeowners are supposed to do to ensure their lawns remain lush, green, and healthy. Remember your lawn not only makes your home attractive and beautiful but also adds value to it. Mowing is one of the practices that will help you maintain your lawn and keep it lush and green all year round. One of the things you should be concerned about is how you can mow your lawn correctly without causing any damage. That means you should know some of the mistakes to avoid and get everything right as you mow your lawn. So, here are the mistakes you should avoid the next time you’re mowing your lawn.

Cutting too short

The number one mistake that people often make is mowing their lawns more than the required height. Of course, you want to reduce the number of times or rather the frequency of mowing your lawn, but this shouldn’t be achieved by cutting too low. You should only cut about one-third of the grass blade. Cutting too much of the grass blade when mowing causes stress on your lawn and can inhibit healthy growth. When you cut the recommended height, you’ll get the best quality turf and have a healthy lawn.

Mowing with Blunt Mower Blades

As soon as the mowing season sets in, make sure your mower is in good condition. That includes sharpening the mower blades. A common mistake made by homeowners is using a mower with blunt blades to cut the grass. Failure to sharpen the mower blades before mowing your lawn will result in the shredded grass which can lead to disease and pest infestation. Make sure your mower blade is sharp and well-balanced to promote healthy turf and also avoid damaging the mower.

Bagging Clippings after Mowing

Many people have adopted this practice, but that doesn’t mean it’s beneficial to your lawn. You’d rather mulch your lawn that bag clipping. Bagging clippings are more likely to result in the development of fungus diseases which is why you need to cut to the recommended height to make it easy for the clippings to decompose. If you choose to bag your lawn, consider composting your clippings before reusing them on site.

Mowing Pattern Monotony

Don’t mow your lawn in the same pattern or direction. Doing so will mat down the grass and even inhibit healthy growth. Always vary the mowing pattern as this will help you avoid double mowing or missing out on some areas. It will also help in reducing wear on your grass and encourage healthier growth.

Blowing Grass into Sidewalks and Driveways

Blowing the grass onto your sidewalks or driveway might seem the easiest way to vacuum and clean our lawn, but there are more disadvantages to it. Freshly cut grass, when blown onto driveways or sidewalks, will stick and stain the concrete thereby making these areas look untidy. You’d rather change direction when mowing on the edges of your driveways and sidewalks to allow the grass to blow back into your yard. This saves you the energy and time of having to clean these hardscapes later.

Hiring a professional lawn care service can help take care of all your lawn mowing needs and allow you focus on other important things. Remember professionals have both the technical expertise to do this job as well as the equipment required.