How to Achieve a Perfect Lawn

Many homeowners want to have a perfect lawn, yet they believe it’s impossible. Or, let’s just say they’ve been trying to create one without any success. Creating a lush, green, healthy lawn is something that can be achieved. Each spring, homeowners across the country spend much of their valuable time during weekends trying to take care and maintain their lawns. As much as you’re used to doing everything by yourself, hiring professionals can relieve you and allow you to have time for other important things. Well, let’s look at some of the things that can help you grow and build a perfect lawn in your residential or commercial property.

Get the Mowing Height Right and Stay Sharp

Mowing your lawn isn’t just about getting that mower on the grass every weekend. First, you must ensure that the mower blades are sharp, whether you’re using a lawn tractor or a walk-behind mower. Dull blades will leave jagged ends on your grass and can be entryways for diseases. Secondly, be sure to cut the grass to the recommended (one-third of the grass leaves) height. In summer, you may need to mow once a week while in early spring mowing once in every 4 or 5 days should do.

Pay Attention to the Water

How much water does your lawn need? Turf grasses need about an inch of water every seven days (one week). If your area isn’t receiving much rainfall, you’ll need to supply water to your lawn. Consider placing a one-inch container in your lawn, specifically at the middle, to help you avoid over-watering. It’s recommended to water your lawn in the morning so that the water can saturate your lawn.

Test the Soil and Remember to Apply Fertilizer

It’s important that you test your soil to determine whether it’s alkaline or acidic. You can have a professional do this for you. If it’s acidic, you may be required to add pulverized lime to raise the PH level. The next thing you must do is to time your fertilizer schedule and fertilize the grass so it can grow green and healthy. Don’t over-fertilize the grass. If you live in an area that experiences drought conditions, consider not applying fertilizer in summer. Don’t skip applying it in fall, however. To jump-start root growth and development, consider fertilizing in early spring. Timing is important when it comes to fertilizer application.

Prevention is the Best Way to Maintaining a Healthy Lawn

You don’t have to wait for issues or problems to develop before you can correct them. Ensure consistency in taking care of your lawn. If you notice any bare spots, repair them immediately. If you spot any weeds, apply the right herbicide. Remember to remove leaves and any debris from your lawn all year long.

Letting professionals take care and maintain your lawn is a great way to having a lush and green lawn. Professionals not only have the technical expertise to maintain your lawn but also understand what’s right and what’s wrong with your grass.